Key to start listening to your body

You have to switch your head off first.

When you allow yourself to let go of the control of your mind you will be able to hear your body’s signals better. Something in your head is constantly talking: “Oh, I must not eat this, I should rather eat that”, “This is unhealthy – this is healthy”, “You have to eat only this much or that much”, “Last time!” and so on. This constant talk is interrupting your ability to make space in time and attention to hear what the body has to say about this. If we only listen to the head we won’t know what’s right and what is wrong to your body.

When you give yourself time to hear and follow your body’s language, you have a better chance to make right choices. The cues that you get will come from your taste buds, the feeling in your stomach and the general satisfaction before, during and after a meal.

You will probably experiment and find out just how much cake and how much chocolate is most satisfying (it is surprisingly little!) for you and how it feels after eating lots of vegetables. It may not be your body’s choice to eat a kg broccoli for dinner! It may be happy with just 100 g and then something else too. It can be a very exciting journey to learn what your body likes and how much.

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